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cobra4-001Cobra is the first album by Perma F released 2013-12-10. It is a resuly of an idea of going a bit retro Electronic. On it Perma F is using sounds only from retro synths and drum machines like Access Virus C, Korg MS-20, Minimoog, Waldorf MicrowaveII/XT, Mellotron, DSI Evolver, TR-808, E-MU, Linn etc. No guitars this time and more or less only vocoder, synthesized and text to speech generated voices.




The album track list:

1. Waiting for the Anschluss
2. I just wanna Dance (E)
3. Wonderland
4. Domination
5. Domino
6. The good guy
7. Starlife
8. Domini

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The End

We love psychedelic music and we often use elements of it i. On The End it is the main focus.
The single has three tracks that gives different angles of psychedelic music.
In the name of Love is an easy listening retro psychedelic pop song. The psychedelic message is rather in the lyrics and spirit of the music than in mind blowing sounds.
The End is darker fateful and intense psychedelic rock. The traditional rock format is there but the borders of it are pushed.
Lysergic is slow twisting and suggestive electronic psychedelica with backward guitar, forward/backward vocals and all the fx you need.

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The Patient Dagger

The music is beating of heavy drums and synths but also have flavors of guitar. Although the music is Electro Rock, it has an Ethno sound. The theme is “underdogs”.
On the single, one track is a twitterpop remix of the first Perma F single, Ember Mother by Blinky Blinky Computerband from Germany. A band that Perma F regularly cooperates with.

The Patient Dagger single:

The Patient Dagger
Ember Mother (Dagger version)
Ember Mother (BBCom’s Twitterpop Mix)

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It’s a War

All sides in conflicts have developed elaborated skills on how to “gather the masses” for the cause. Social media, think tanks and propaganda skills grows more and more efficient. This leads to that everyone have to take a stand and the result is polarization – The Mother of all Wars. This is the topic of the title song on our latest single, “It’s a war”. This our seventh single and is released 2015-01-12. Like on the preceding single, “Burning Angel”, we emphasize the “Rock” part of Electro Rock.

It’s a war single:

It’s a war
Beautiful with horns
Burning Angel (Heartbreak remix)
It’s a war (Riot remix)

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Burning Angel

Burning Angel is the sixth single by Perma F released 2014-08-04. On this one we emphasize the “Rock” part of Electro Rock. The guitars are out of the closet and overdrive is set to “on”.
The main track is rather straight forward noisy rock with a bit of retro feeling. “One Way Ticket” is also “Rock” based but have more elements of Electro and some flavors of India.

Burning Angel single:
Burning Angel
One Way Ticket


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Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga is the fifth single by Perma F released 2014-04-21. Kali Yuga is a song about the Dark Ages, an unspiritual age of ignorance, sin and short life span. In Hindu scriptures Kali Yuga (The age of the demon) is one of the four stages the world goes through. Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga. In it people are as far away as possible from God.




Kali Yuga single:
Kali Yuga
The Regals


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I just wanna Dance

permaf-logo1.jpgI just wanna Dance is the fourth single by Perma F released 2013-10-15. I just wanna Dance is an electronic dance version of the song. I just wanna Dance (P) where (P) could stand for Pogo, is a Punk Rock version of the song. When working with the song we just realized that it would be a GREAT Punk song too. Since we once upon a time was playing Punk Rock and still love it we just went ahead and recorded it





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Sex toy War


Sex Toy War is the third single by Perma F released 2013-08-27. Sex Toy War is a catchy tune about a super heroine with some unusual weapons in her fight against the bad guys (spare you the details). It is a tight track that sounds a bit like a trailer to a super hero show from the 60’s.  There used to be horses is a latin sounding song about an incident by the Mexican border. It has an interesting variance of quick ARP, bass and percussion against slow slide guitars and song


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Broken Bonds

permaBroken Bonds is the second single by Perma F released 2013-07-23. Broken Bonds is a tribute to the pop of the 80´s. It is easy listening and yet with the personal touch of Perma F. It is a love song about broken promises and bonds and passing the border of no return. raÖ is an ambient influenced song about that the beauty of life is there for anyone to discover – if you accept that it has some challenges. It paints a beautiful sound on a steady beat and reversed vocals in foreign language. The raÖ k.MY.a mix has a slightly higher tempo and a dance beat added to it.




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Ember Mother


This the first single by Perma F released 2013-06-11. Ember Mother is song that very well can be a great clubbing song but has ”more too it”. There is a darkness and apocalyptic atmosphere that blends well with the beauty and catchy pop chorus. Brimstone is an electronic bouncing song starting with a ”in your face” dance club beat and siren like synths. Then it adds distorted guitar riffs and ”from the hip” solo. You can hear influences from club dance/trance electronic music, rough rock and… Brian Eno




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