Perma F is an Indie Electronic Rock band from Malmo in Sweden. The band was formed in 2013. Being an independent band gives you a lot of freedom . You can do what you want, when you want and the way you want. That is actually awesome and the way we want it. We are not mainstream and don’t plan to be it either.

Electronic Rock in our box is either electronic music with rock elements OR rock music with electronic elements. It is just a matter of how you blend the ingredients. We offer all kind of blending depending on how we feel and where the wind blows us.

We love the attitude of the New Wave and Punk era. Not the music and style as such but rather the ATTITUDE: You can be your own idol – just do it. Don’t care about if it sell or not. Don’t care if you don’t make it to MTV. Don’t care if it is odd.

We don’t strive to be different or odd. We just do the music we like and are capable of doing. We like it. Hope you like it too.

If you like to contact us, you can ask a question on the site or send us an email at permaf13 (at) gmail.com


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