Blinky Blinky Computerband


It all started on Spotify/Soundrop..

We noticed a guy voting for our songs also voted for a band called “Blinky Blinky Computerband”.  So we listened – and liked it! The soundscape and focus was really nice. Especially the song “Elektromann” was something we really digged. So it ended up that I bought that album on their bandcamp page and established contact Olaf from the band. Later on it turned out that they were looking for people to do remixes on “Elektromann” and “Meine Freizeit” from that album. We were thrilled since we love the music!

It ended  up us doing three remixes:

Why not buy it?

Later on they were asking for remixes on “Regulated by machines”

So we did two remixes of that one:

Why not buy it?

What’s next?

We asked: What about you doing remixes of our  songs? So we sent “Ember Mother” and “Sex Toy War” to Olaf and we thrilled about what we heard! Our songs in a BBCom open and beatiful soundscape! Lovely! The songs are not yet released but will be -keep your eyes open for it!

Further more we handed over a non released song that we are working on “Patient Dagger”. Lets see what happens with that!

Fun and interesting!


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