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We started the band early this year. We had a pretty good idea what kind of music we wanted to to. We started to compose and record a lot of songs in parallel and after a while we realized what we intended to do became a bit different. So what? You plan and then you “go with the flow”

When it come to genre, it became hard since we didn’t want to lock ourselves that hard to any. As we see it, it is more important that the expression and attitude is true and “you” than the form. Neither do we eat only cereals for breakfast day in and day out.

We had the clear idea to release singles and not albums. One of the reasons is that what we do is not very homogeneous. The other reason is – who have the patience to listen to a complete album from a band they ever heard before?

We also have a very firm idea of being independent and in control. So we closed a deal with phonofile on digital distribution. In that way we decide ourselves what to release and when. Nobody else.


We also record, produce and master all we do.

2013-06-11 we released our first single Ember Mother. It was a lot of hard work since it was the first time and we had to handle things we didn’t even thought about

About one month later we released the second single Broken Bonds. It became slightly different. The Broken Bond track is actually the first song we did so it was fun to release. raÖ was a quite early thing too. When doing it we put the vocal from another song and reversed them.

Both singles are released on quite many places. Not just the most common. If you are using a special regional music service, search and you will probably find them. They are going according to expectations and we are happy with result so far.

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